Indian Pineapple Exporter

Pineapple, a tropical fruit with tangy and sour flavour, is much sought after in India. While the fruit’s origin can be traced to Brazil and Paraguay, it was introduced in India possibly by the Portuguese traders in the 16th century. However, there are other theories that indicate the fruit was harvested both in India and abroad thousands of years ago. Nearly 7% of the Pineapple production of the world takes place in India even though commercial harvesting began 4 decades back. In the country, Pineapple is harvested in states like West Bengal, Kerala, Assam, Mizoram, Kerala and Tripura. India exports Pineapple variants to countries like The Netherlands, China, Canada, Japan, Saudi Arabia, The UK and the USA. During 2020-21, India exported Pineapple worth $22.55 USD to these countries.

At PCS Exim, we export top-quality Pineapple variants to various offshore locations, while adhering to standard packaging and safety practices.


Pineapple varieties we export

Giant Kew

This variant is harvested widely in various Indian states and its size can be quite big. The hue of the outer skin can range from deep yellow to copper. The eyes are flat and broad. Its flesh is yellowish in color and can be juicy. It is exported extensively and a section of pineapple is used for canning. The average fruit weight is 2.5- 4kgs but in some cases, finding fruits weighing up to 10 kg is not uncommon.


This variant is also known by the names Vazhakulam Kannara and ‘Malacca Queen’. The fruits are mid-sized. The approx. weight of each fruit can be around 1.5 kg. The fruits are typically conical and exterior hue is golden. The variant is known for its amazing aroma and taste. The juice has a lower acidic quotient compared to the other types. Its leaves are dark green and fruits can weigh up to 2 .25 kgs. This variant is used a lot for making juices.


This is another important Pineapple variant cultivated in India. It is spiny and skin color is golden yellow. The aroma and sweet taste makes it unique among all the other variants. This variant was given GI tag in 2015. Its pleasant taste and scent make it ideal for making juice and concentrates. This variant is harvested mostly in the states of Northeast India.

Charlotte Rothschild

Second only to the Giant Kew variant in size, Charlotte Rothschild is harvested mostly in the western parts of India. The fruits get a yellowish hue when ripened. The aroma is somewhat strong and fruits are quite juicy.

Jaldhup and Lakhat

These are 2 indigenous Pineapple variants harvested mostly in Assam and they have been named after their places of origin. They belong to the Queen group. Lakhat has a sour flavor while Jaldhup is sweeter but the juice can be acidic.