Do Apples Boost Your Immunity? Get Your Facts Clear

March 18, 2021

There is hardly anyone who has not heard the saying having an apple everyday helps evade doctor visits! Apples are nutrient-rich, delicious and can be consumed in many ways, as it is. However, it is not only for getting nutrients and satisfying your taste buds that you should eat apples. A number of study findings hint that eating apples can be great for enhancing level of immunity. In the pandemic situation where doctors are reputedly stressing on the need to boost immunity levels to stay safe, eating immunity boosting foods makes sense.

So, how do apples help in enhancing immunity level?

If the findings of several studies are taken into account, Apple’s role in enhancing the immune system cannot be overlooked. Apples contain Vitamin C and play a role in enhancing the immunity level. Apples also contain soluble fiber –another ingredient that improves immune system functionalities. This fruit is rich in phytochemical antioxidants and these help in protecting the body from several pathogens and microorganisms that lead to seasonal ailments like flu and cold.

What about the other health benefits of apple?

Of course, you get many other health benefits by including apples in your diet, apart from immunity level boost.

  • Better digestion
    Lack of proper digestion leads to onset of several chronic health conditions in the human body. If you wish to improve digestion and bowel movements without resorting to medications, eating apples can be a worthy option. Apples contain soluble fiber and that aids digestion. It can be good for those coping with bowel movement anomalies and constipation.
  • Cardiac health boost
    Eating apples can also be good for cardiac health. As eating apples help improve the gut microbes it can be good for heart health. The fruit is also enriched with flavonoids and that is why it can be good for lowering risk of cardiac complications.
  • Good for diabetics
    People with diabetes or those with history of diabetes running in family are skeptical about eating fruits. They feel eating fruits with natural sugar can worsen their conditions. However, the truth is diabetics can eat apples in moderation and it can actually be good for their condition. The soluble fiber in apple slows down sugar absorption in bloodstream. In long run, eating apples can enhance blood sugar levels. Those who want to keep diabetes at bay should eat apples, show study results.
  • Cancer risk lowering
    While it is hard to say how cancer can be prevented, eating certain foods can help lower the risk of cancer formation. Apples have antioxidants and antioxidant-rich fruits help reduce the risk of contracting certain types of cancer. Its high fiber quotient can also help reduce risk of cancer.

You can consume apples in many ways. They can be included in breakfast and you may use apples in making salads and soups too. Try using them as snacks when hunger pang strikes. It’s better than buying foods when you are outside home, for sure.

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