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One of the finest qualities of rice found in India is that of Basmati rice. This is a unique variety of rice grown only in India. The specialty of this rice is that its grain is long and slender and has excellent aroma. It is the fine look and beautiful flavor of the rice, which is its USP. Basmati rice is widely used in various rice recipes including that of biryani, pilaf, fried rice, pulao etc. There are many varieties of Basmati rice available in India. The basmati rice variants are harvested mostly in states like Haryana and Punjab.

India is one of the leading exporters of Basmati rice to many countries in the world. It exports Basmati rice variants to EU countries like Belgium, Italy and Netherlands. Countries like Yemen, Iraq and Saudi Arabia also import basmati rice types from India.

PCS Exim exports several variants of Basmati rice to various countries.

Basmati Rice

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