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About our team


PCS Exim is a proud exporter of top-quality Indian agro products operating from Kolkata, West Bengal State of India. We procure fresh fruits and vegetables, sorted grains, cereals, pulses, spices and dry fruits from reputed entities across India and export them to clients all over the world. Our latest packaging standards and timely shipping methods ensure the freshness of the products according to their shelf life.

As a modern firm, PCS Exim tries to live up to the expectations of customers. We also tweak our packages and services towards specific product variants and quantities. Also, we are always open for new business opportunities!



Palash Chandra Saha (Founder)

MBA (International Business)
BSc (Computer Science)

Palash Saha is the founder of PCS Exim, located in Kolkata, West Bengal State of India. With over 15 years of professional working experience primarily in International Business Palash is the back bone of the company. With huge international business expertise under his belt and startup his passion he created few business brands and PCS Exim is one of them. He takes care of different key areas of the company like Operations Management, Strategic Planning, Business Planning, Client Relation Building & Management, Business Development, Process Improvement etc.

Why choose us

There are various reasons for selecting PCS Exim for agricultural product export or Import over other contenders, below are few:-

  • Quality Product

    We export top quality agricultural products to clients in many foreign countries. We procure fresh crops, cereals and spices from reputed entities in various parts of the country. Whether you want a seasonal fruit or any cereal harvested yearlong in India, our product quality will impress you.

  • Timely Delivery

    We make it a point to deliver products within deadlines, regardless of the distance and amount of cargo. We choose the apt transit routes for all deliveries. This ensures the customers do not have to wait long and they receive the products in fresh, good condition.

  • Latest Packaging Standards

    While exporting agricultural products to offshore destinations, we resort to industry-standard packaging methods. We also make sure each crop, fruit or spice is packed in the apt manner since different fruits, vegetables and crops have varying shelf life. We also use suitable packaging material and container for air freight and shipment by land.

  • Competitive Price

    We export agricultural products at rates that you will find reasonable. No matter what type of crop or spice you place order for, you can be assured of getting it at a competitive rate. You may compare our export charges with that of others in the industry.

  • Professionalism

    We offer fully professional service and you can be assured of transparency in every aspect. From the time of placing order to delivery, we keep things absolutely clear to the customers. You will not have to bother about extra charges or any service clause that may cause inconvenience.

  • Personalized Service

    At PCS Exim, we understand each client has a unique need. You may require a certain crop in limited amounts or want to place order for a specific variant of rice, for example. Just tell us about your requirements and we will try to address it.

  • Customer Satisfaction

    We believe in living up to the expectation of our customers. We try to offer them a nice experience, regardless of the amount or type of order. If there is any issue with any of the shipments or cargo gets delayed, we strive to address the issue without delay.

  • Flexibility

    As one of the growing agricultural companies of India, we try to be flexible when dealing with the clients. Not every client has similar situation. We encourage you to be clear your requirements so that we can tweak our packages and services to meet your needs in the apt way.